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MTech USA Adventurer's Axe

The Asset

The Adventurer's Axe, made by MTech USA, is a small axe with many uses, from cutting down branches to chopping in some wild beast's head. This tool is a must-have for every survivalist out there. The soft rope around the handle makes this axe feel comfortable to use. The model has been designed to be used as a melee weapon in a first-person survival game.

The Development

With its 2,242 triangles, this model is optimized to be used in a game engine. It has been created by modeling a high-poly version first, based on reference images. After the high-poly model was done, a low-poly version was made, removing unnecessary triangles that added no definition to the model. Using a projection cage, normals were created to fake the smoothness of the high-poly onto the low-poly axe. PBR textures were created in Photoshop. The render was made in Unreal Engine 4. This model was created in 1 week.

MTech USA Adventurer's Axe Base Colour MTech USA Adventurer's Axe Metalness MTech USA Adventurer's Axe Roughness MTech USA Adventurer's Axe Normals

Acquired Skills

Making this Axe really helped me understand the PBR asset creation workflow. I learned more about optimizing a low poly model and unwrapping, as well as creating a projection cage and texturing.