M1918A2 Browning Assault Rifle Header

M1918A Browning Assault Rifle

The Asset

The M1918A2 Browning Assault Rifle, a modified version of the original, made in 1938, was used in different wars such as World War II. With a firing rate of 500-650 rounds per minute, this gun is considered a light machine gun, however, with the limited capacity of 20 rounds, it often wasn't used as one. This model is designed to be used as a primary weapon in a first-person shooter game, and was optimized accordingly.

The Development

This gun has 4,174 triangles, with normals generated from projecting a high-poly model onto the low-poly one. The model was modeled from scratch using reference pictures in 3ds Max. The model was first made in high-poly, after which a second model in low poly was made. The projection cage was generated by Substance Painter 2, the software in which I textured this model as well. The PBR texturing workflow was used. The finished model was put in Unreal Engine 4 to render. It took me 2 weeks to finish this model.

Browing Assault Rifle Base Colour Browing Assault Rifle Metalness Browing Assault Rifle Roughness Browing Assault Rifle Normals

Acquired Skills

This was the first time I used Substance Painter 2. I learned more about localization of damage and how to add a story to a model. Other than that I also got a better understanding of how to create a low-poly model that matches a high-poly model by optimizing in the right places.