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Ferrari 250 GTO

The Asset

The Ferrari 250 GTO, known to be the most expensive car, was built in 1962 and produced about 300 horsepower. There were only 39 cars produced. This model was designed for a product show-off or commercial.

The Development

This model, made in about 2 weeks, is made entirely in 3ds Max from scratch. It is a high-poly model, and all textures were applied procedurally using the material editor in 3ds Max. Renders were made using Nvidia Mental Ray. The ambient occlusion was also added for some better mesh definition. A vintage filter was added afterwards in Photoshop.

Ferrar 250 GTO Color Render Ferrar 250 GTO Wireframe Ferrar 250 GTO Ambient Occlusion

Acquired Skills

I learned a lot about high-poly modeling by making this car, such as the workflow of using blueprints as references and modeling specifically to work with the turbosmooth modifier. I also found out how to create procedural materials in 3ds Max, and how to apply stickers onto a mesh.