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Captain Toad - Treasure Hunt

The Game

Captain Toad, originally created by Nintendo, is a kids puzzle game, revolving around the character Toad from the Super Mario World. This pirate-themed spin-off introduces new jungle-based mechanics, with the ultimate goal of finding the treasure chest hidden deep inside the jungle.

The game was built as standalone with keyboard/mouse and Xbox controller support. It's a single player campaign.

Captain Toad Level 2

The Development

A random group of 4 game developers was assembled for this project. The development time was about 1 month, stretched over a span of 3 months. The software we used were Unity3D with C# scripts, 3ds Max and Photoshop.

Captain Toad's development team existed of 3 programmers and one artist. Although it was originally planned that one level would be made per developer, programmers decided to step in and help the artist create the mechanics for his level, so he could focus more on character creation and texturing.

My Role

In the game I created a few mechanics such as the liana, the character controller and the camera. I also designed the tutorial level and the fourth level (inside the temple).

Captain Toad Camera Zoom Snippet Captain Toad Level 4

Acquired Skills

This project was my first team project, as well as my first experience with source control. I also made this project in the first year of starting out with Unity, so the environment and engine were still quite new to me. This project is what sparked my interest in Unity, team development and source control.